Front Bucket Agricultural Loader are another important farm implement for tractors. Front end bucket loader is perfect for tractors ranging from 50 to 200HP. With a history of more than half a century, these loaders are popular and used in mainstream farming due to low-cost and high versatility.

We manufacture front end loaders that allow operators to easily load, move and unload heaviest of items. Our loading blades are especially designed to serve, to last and do surpass the competition.

Our loaders offer high clearance, least drag, and easy maintenance. These loaders can scoop deep and the clearance blades offer precise dig and eliminates material back digging. These loaders can also be used with virtually any model of tractor.

Key features of our bucket loader are:

  • Spill-free loading
  • Enhanced resistance to rust, dent, and scratch
  • Hardened PINs and points for durability
  • Swift operation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

For more than 20 years, we have been providing front bucket loaders to thousands of satisfied customers around the world. If you would like to know more about these loaders, contact us today.


Specifications & Details

Tractor compatibility

For MF 375S/385
For MF 240/260
Bucket type
Closed earth bucket with digging teeth
Bucker volume
1 cubic meter
0.5 cubic meter
Lifting time
3-6 seconds
Max. Lift Capacity
1000 kg
Lift Height at Pivot Point
(10′-6″) 3 meter
(9′-6″) 2. meter
Lift Ram
2, Double Acting
Bucket Ram
Single, Double acting