The Massey Ferguson 285 tractor epitomizes excellence in agricultural machinery. With a robust engine delivering impressive horsepower and advanced features like a reliable transmission and efficient hydraulic system, the MF 285 ensures optimal performance across diverse farming tasks. Its ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort, while versatile attachments enhance its utility year-round.

For those seeking a dependable and high-performance tractor, the Massey Ferguson 285 is a compelling choice. Whether for plowing, hauling, or operating implements, its proven track record and user-friendly maintenance make it a valuable asset on any farm. Explore the world of Massey Ferguson 285 and experience the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and reliability.


Massey Ferguson 285 Tractor: Your Ultimate Route to Power and Performance

In the realm of agricultural machinery, few names evoke as much respect and trust as Massey Ferguson. For decades, their line of tractors has been synonymous with reliability, power, and efficiency. Among their esteemed offerings, the Massey Ferguson 285 (MF 285) stands out as a stalwart workhorse, a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality engineering and customer satisfaction.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the realm of the Massey Ferguson 285 tractor. From its technical specifications to its performance on the field, we leave no stone unturned. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer looking to upgrade your fleet or a newcomer seeking a reliable companion for your agricultural endeavors, the MF 285 promises to exceed your expectations.

History and Evolution

The Massey Ferguson 285 traces its lineage back to the iconic Massey Ferguson 200 series, renowned for revolutionizing tractor design in the 1970s. As part of this esteemed lineage, the MF 285 inherited a legacy of durability, versatility, and innovation. Its introduction marked a significant leap forward in agricultural technology, blending robust construction with advanced features to meet the evolving needs of farmers worldwide.

Massey Ferguson 285 Tractor Data

At the heart of the MF 285 is a formidable engine that delivers the power and performance you need to tackle the toughest tasks. With a horsepower ranging from 75-85HP , this tractor is more than capable of handling demanding agricultural operations with ease. Whether you’re plowing fields, hauling loads, or operating attachments, the Massey Ferguson 285 rises to the challenge, ensuring productivity and efficiency every step of the way.

Massey Ferguson 285 Specs

Let’s delve into the technical specifications that make the MF 285 a standout performer in its class:

  • Engine: The Massey Ferguson 285 is equipped with a Perkins engine, renowned for its reliability and fuel efficiency. This powerhouse ensures optimal performance in diverse farming conditions, from arable lands to rugged terrains.
  • Transmission: The tractor features a manual transmission system, offering seamless gear shifts and precise control. Whether you prefer manual or automatic modes, the MF 285 adapts to your operational preferences with ease.
  • Hydraulic System: With a robust hydraulic system capable of ample capacity, the MF 285 empowers you to operate a wide range of implements and attachments with precision and efficiency.
  • PTO (Power Take-Off): The Massey Ferguson 285 boasts a efficient PTO system, delivering consistent power to compatible machinery and accessories, enhancing your productivity on the field.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Designed for stability and maneuverability, the MF 285 features dimensions of are given above and  weight also given above, striking the perfect balance between strength and agility.

Massey Ferguson 285 Features

Beyond its impressive specifications, the MF 285 comes loaded with features designed to enhance your overall experience:

  • Ergonomic Design: The tractor’s ergonomic cabin ensures operator comfort during long hours of operation, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity.
  • Versatile Attachments: With a range of compatible attachments such as loaders and mowers, the MF 285 adapts to various farming tasks, maximizing its utility throughout the agricultural season.
  • Easy Maintenance: The MF 285 is designed for hassle-free maintenance, with accessible components and user-friendly servicing procedures, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

Massey Ferguson 285 for Sale

If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-performance tractor, look no further than the Massey Ferguson 285. With its proven track record, robust construction, and advanced features, this tractor is a valuable addition to any agricultural operation. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or managing a large estate, the MF 285 delivers the power, efficiency, and versatility you need to succeed.

Massey Ferguson 285 Price

The price of the Massey Ferguson 285 varies depending on factors such as condition, age, and included attachments. It’s advisable to contact authorized dealers or browse reputable listings to get accurate pricing information tailored to your specific requirements.

Massey Ferguson 285 Manual

For detailed insights into operating and maintaining your Massey Ferguson 285 tractor, refer to the official manual provided by the manufacturer. This comprehensive guide covers everything from safety procedures to troubleshooting tips, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

In conclusion, the Massey Ferguson 285 tractor exemplifies the pinnacle of agricultural engineering, combining power, performance, and reliability in a single package. Whether you’re plowing fields, tilling soil, or performing heavy-duty tasks, this versatile machine rises to the occasion, making it a wise investment for farmers worldwide. Explore the world of Massey Ferguson 285 and experience the difference firsthand.


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