Cultivator For Sale

Cultivators are primarily the type of tillage implements that are used after the crop has come up a few cms above the ground. But these implements are also used for opening the land and preparing the seedbed for sowing of the seeds as well.

Inner Row Cultivator for sale for the secondary tillage are available as animal drawn and tractor drawn. The animal drawn cultivators are of the adjustable type.

These are mostly shovel type cultivators for sale with 5-7 tynes are fixed on the frame and the width of the operation varies between 45-105 cms.

Tractor mounted implement Inner Row cultivator for sale are also available which may be shovel type and sweep type.

The width of operation depends on the horsepower of the tractor. In the Madhya Pradesh region, sweep type cultivators are more common and are commercially known as duck foot cultivators. 

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Specifications & Details

Power Source

60-70 Hp Tractor
No of Tines
9 Nos
Fertilize Metring Machine
Floted Wheel Plastic


Rear Wheel Gear Type Device
Provision For Adjustment
A.Fertilize Ratio B.Row Spacing C.TinesDepth
Over All Length
90 inch
Over All Height
86 inch
Over All Length(Max)
80 inch