Disc Plough For Sale is an implement where the cutting & inversion of soil is performed by means of discs. This was introduced to reduce friction by making rolling bottom instead of a bottom that would slide along.

Unlike Mould Board plough, disc plough creates no suction but depends on weight and disc angle for penetration, therefore they are heavily built. Disc plough must be operated at a fairly slow, uniform speed for best cutting action and width of cut control.

The disc plough usage shows that it is adapted to conditions where the mould board plough will not work:
  1.  It is suitable for dry, hard ground that cannot be penetrated with an MB PLOUGH.
  2. Rough, stony & rooty ground where the disc will ride over the roots.
  3. Sticky, waxy ground soils where the mouldboard does not scour.
  4. Soils where deep ploughing for reclamation work is desired.
  5. It is often used after harvesting grain crops where the ground is hard.

Disc Plough For Sale:

  1. 2 Disc Plough For Sale
  2. 3 Disc Plough For Sale
  3. 4 Disc Plough For Sale
  4. 5 Disc Plough For Sale
  5. 6 Disc Plough For Sale
  6. Standard Disc Ploughs For Sale
  7. Vertical Disc Plough For Sale
  8. Tractor Mounted Disc Plough For Sale

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Specifications & Details

Frame type

Tabular Seamless steel pipe
Number of furrow
2, 2+1, 3, 3+1 , 4,4+1
Furrow width
Max.working depth


Longitudinal clearance
Furrow wheel dia
Plain discs
660mm-inside or outside bevel Taper roller
Tractor Compatibility



Tractor mounted disc plow for sale has 1 to 7 discs and weighs 150-540kg per disc. We have 3 Point linkage disc plough for sale which can be lifted or lowered by the hydraulic system. Our Disc Plows are fully compatible with Massey Ferguson Disc Plough.

The main parts of a Disc Plow for sale are:

  1. Concave discs
  2. Disc Bearing
  3. Disc scraper
  4. Standard
  5. Frame
  6. Cross shaft
  7. Furrow wheel

How to do Maintenance of Tractor Disc Plough ?

  1.  Keep the bearing lubricated as described in your owners manual. 
  2. Keep disc bearings clean and properly adjusted frequently.
  3. Check plough adjustments if the steering is hard.
  4. Check the scraper adjustment frequently.
  5. Coat disc blades for rust prevention with old crankcase oil.
  6. Sharpen discs if the blades are dull. Sharpening may not be necessary if the angle of cut is correct.
  7. Broken disc may be repaired with special welding electrodes.
  8. Constantly check for loose nuts and bolts.

How much does a Disc Plough cost?

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