Massey Ferguson 260 Tractor For Sale has many unique features which improve its performance over other tractors.
Find the exclusive features of MF 260 in the lines below:
  • Massey Ferguson Tractor MF 260 is very economical due to its low fuel consumption.
  • Massey Ferguson MF260 is a multi-purpose vehicle having multi-function features; it can provide many-in-one solutions to the farmers.
  • Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor is not only a high performance equipment but also highly fuel efficient tractor which minimizes the operational cost for farmers.
  • MF 260 tractor has better fuel burning feature which allows the tractor emit less amount of smoke.
  • MF260 tractor uses oil cooler for effective cooling.
  • Massey Ferguson MF 260 tractor possesses high PTO power for better operation on motivators, tube wells and threshers. Has a strong straddle rear axle.
  • Massey Ferguson Tractor MF 260 has very efficient disc brakes.
  • Available at very economical price.

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Specifications & Details


Maximum engine power at 2.250 rpm
60 HP

Make/Type: Perkins / AD 3.152 No. of Cylinders: 3 Cooling:
Water Air Cleaner Type: Oil Bath

Engine Speed Maximum Torque at 1,600 rpm
48 hp** 212 Nm

Dual Clutch

Type: No. of gears:
Sliding Spur 8 Forward, 2 Reverse
Fully independent 540 PTO rpm
Max. Lift capacity with Lower link horizontal
2.170 kg
Steering: Brake Type: Front Axle:
Manual Our Board drum brakes Mechanical Box Section Adjustable
Tachometer, Hour meter, Fuel Level, Battery Condition & water Temperature.
Front Rear
7.50-16 (6 PR) 14.9/13-28 (6PRP
Gross Weight
1.920 kg
Over all Length
3,260 mm
Overall Width minimum

1.890 mm

Chain Stabilizers, Check Chains, spring suspension seat, Flat top Fenders, Standard tool Box with set of tools. Weight frame without weights. Top Link, Cat-2 balls, Operator’s Manual.

Massey Ferguson 260 Tractor For Sale

The Massey Ferguson 260 tractor is a top-of-the-line machine that is designed to tackle even the toughest farming tasks. With its 60 horsepower engine and two-wheel drive system, this tractor is built to handle everything from plowing and tilling to hauling and mowing.

One of the key features of the Massey Ferguson 260 tractor is its versatility. It can be outfitted with a variety of attachments, such as a front-end loader, backhoe, or mower deck, allowing it to tackle a wide range of tasks on the farm. This makes it an ideal choice for farmers who need a machine that can handle multiple jobs and increase their productivity.

Another standout feature of the Massey Ferguson 260 tractor for sale is its rugged design. The operator’s seat is comfortable and adjustable, and the controls are well-positioned and easy to use. This makes the tractor easy to operate, even during long days on the job. The tractor is also designed with safety in mind, it has a rollover protective structure (ROPS) which is essential for the safety of the operator.

The Massey Ferguson 260 for sale is also designed for easy maintenance. It has easy access to the engine, transmission and other important components for maintenance and repair. This tractor is built to last and its durable and sturdy frame is rust resistant, making it an ideal machine for work in harsh environments.

In terms of performance, the MF 260 tractor is built to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains. With its powerful 60 horsepower engine and two-wheel drive system, this tractor is able to handle even the toughest farming tasks with ease. Additionally, the tractor has different hydraulic systems options, like open center and closed center, which can be used for different attachments and operations.

Overall, the Massey Ferguson 260 tractor is a powerful and versatile machine that is designed to handle a wide range of tasks on the farm. With its 60 horsepower engine, ergonomic design, versatile attachments options, and easy maintenance, the tractor is an excellent choice for farmers of all skill levels. It’s a solid investment that can help improve efficiency and productivity on the farm.


AECO offer optional tractor equipment like Roll-over protections system (ROPS), Power take-off pulleys (PTO), fiber-glass canopies, front weights, hydraulic valves, nine-hole drawbars, pintle hooks, mirrors front and rear and trailer hooks.