Reversible Mould Board Plough, (Mold board plough in American English) is an implement used with the tractor to plough the ground. The instrument turns the soil so plants can make most of the available nutrients.

Reversible Mould board plough consists of five essential parts; the mould board, the share, the frog, the landslide and the tailpiece.

This tool is one of the most important in farming as cutting and turning the soil is necessary to bring nutrient up the surface. The coulter penetrates deep into the soil while the share cuts it which is then flipped by reversible mould board upside down.

Reversible Mould board is very effective in saving time also – as it allows farmer to flip a big part of the land in a single run. Another huge benefit is that the obtained pattern is perfect for soil drainage.

Ploughs are vital component for tillage in rainy or canal irrigated regions. Too much weed grows in that area and so the plough is utilized to turn the soil and pulverize the weed, burying them into the soil.

Latest ploughs use replaceable cutting surface (known as ploughshare) made of iron – an improvement over previous ploughs which were essentially wedges that would turn the soil over to the side instead.

Shape of these ploughs helps cut the soil and turn it, preventing the undesired growth which turns into manure following its decomposition.


Specifications & Details

Disc Harrow Frame width

Disc Harrow Frame Thickness
Shape of Frame would be like this.
Seals used proper material

Checked in diesel, petrol, heat, 60 degree, -05 degree

Nuts & Bolts (material)
Discs material
19CN5, Edges properly heat treatment
Furrow thickness
10mm , Edges properly heat treatment