Front Blade for Tractors Front blades for tractors are used to perform various earth moving tasks like moving gravel on a work site, handling stacks of soil in farming or clearing snow in the winter.

AECO front blades are designed to be quite robust and efficient matching the power of large brand tractors like Massey Ferguson and others. Front blades are controlled with hydraulic system with either single or double rams. The blade is attached with a replaceable and hydraulically reversible cutting edge which is made of carbon steel.

Blade Moving Ability

It’s maximum lifting capacity is 533mm which is around 21 inches and the maximum depth below the ground is 102mm (4 inches). Its excellent moving ability makes it very convenient for the operator to perform the task smoothly.

Hydraulic Rams

It uses heavy duty double acting hydraulic rams for a perfect and efficient traction.


Specifications & Details

Power dozer to fit blade

50-85 Hp
Cutting edge section high
152mm (6”) X 12.7mm (1/2”)
Heavy Duty, Double acting
Control Valve
Open centre double acting spool valve
Blade movement
Max. Lift 533mm (21”). Max. Depth belowground. 102mm (4”)