Farm ridgers are used to make ridges in the field. These ridges then allow smooth plantation of invaluable crops like tobacco and potato. Ridgers of today have good adaptableness and allow convenience and flexibility in adjustment in spacing and in creating rows and angles. Ridgers can also be used for earthing.

New ridgers are available in a big variety. Agricultural, two furrow, three furrow surry, muti-crop, disc, tyne, and bund ridgers are just a few of these ridger types. These ridgers can also be sub-divided with respect to tractor power. The various types of ridgers serve the purpose of providing the desirable ridge so appropriate soil flow can be retained.

Aeco Export offers all of above types of ridgers to meet the varying requirements of farmers and cultivators. All our ridgers – just like other farm implements – are made from stainless steel which allows for optimum performance and minimum sweat.

Latest farm ridgers also offer easy and accurate movement as they are smaller and lighter. Apart from all of the above our ridgers are extremely easy to handle and on top of all, our ridgers help break stubbles and ridges in just a single operation.


Specifications & Details

Max. Row spacing

711m (decreasing in increments of 25mm)
Clearance (under Frame)
Tractor Compatibility
45-85 Hp