Chisel Plough is – as its name suggests – a plough. Plough is just British for plow, which is a tool for working the ground so the root of the crop attains proper development environment.

Chisel plough tills deep and is hence ideal to make subsoil more productive. This instrument plows to increase the fertility of soil by making room for more air circulation and sunlight.

This special plough can work up to 20 inches deep. A standard tractor of 50 horse power can plough 12 inches initially and then a full 20 in the second instance. Hp of tractor affects efficiency, and not the depth.

With one tine attached, these ploughs can be used as subsoilers. Per acre yield can also be increase with this deep ploughing tool – especially in the case of wheat, cotton and sugarcane crops. Chisel plough prior to plantation is great for fruit orchids too.

The greatest benefit of chisel plough is that it perfectly tills the subsoil portion in rainy days, without tampering with the topsoil. This maintains and preserves the moisture content of the soil for longer period which in turn, prevents soil erosion.

AECO Tractors’ chisel ploughs are made up with heavy steel and not a single nut or bolt are used, thus more durability and better functionality. These ploughs also have a working width of 1.20 meters and have 3 replaceable tines which can reach the 20 inch penetration mark conveniently.


Specifications & Details
  • Heavy steel box V-type frame without any nut and bolt.
  • Three easily replaceable tines designed to penetrate up to 20″ without much effort.
  • Shovels easily replaceable.
  • Working width 1.20 Meters.
  • Tractor compatibility 50 – 85 hp.