Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger uses the end with the screw blade called ‘flighting’ or auger to dog holes in the ground. In the case of farming, these holes may be drilled for the purpose of inserting posts. However, these holes can also be used for other purposes such as planting.

The hole digger implement looks like a drill bit and it pretty much works the same way, except that it is also capable of pulling out the drilled part.

The earth augers can be automatic being able to adjust with the tractor. But these diggers can also be manual. The variations include mechanical and electricity-powered diggers as well.

The ones operated with a tractor require a PTO driven equipment. With post hole diggers, holes of equal sizes, equal distances, and great depths can be guaranteed. The only limitation of these diggers is that they have a set diameter and any digger with a predefined diameter will only be able to dig the hole of a specified circumference. In addition, we also sale 3 point post hole digger for tractors.

Why buy from AECO?

On the bright side, AECO’s Post hole diggers for sale are economical; they are best for tree plantation; they can save time and can deep 90 cm in just under 30 seconds.

Another positive element of this farm implements for sale by AECO is that by detaching the auger, it can also be used as a mini-crane. In addition, our products are 100% Genuine and Brand New. 

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Specifications & Details

Augers Size

9” & 18”
Hole depth
90cm ( 36”)
164 Kg with 9” augers 187 Kg with 18” augers
Tractor compatibility

50-85 Hp

Blade width
7 ft.
Overall length
5ft.(with grader wheel)
170 Kg
Grader wheel kit
Tractor Compatibility
35-85 Hp

The digger, also known as soil auger or earth drill consists of an auger that is power-driven through bevel gears by the tractor power take-off shaft. These are used for digging holes for a fence post, erection of lamp post, planting small trees and saplings, soil sampling, and construction work.

How to Operate Post Hole Digger with Tractor?

While operating, the point of the auger is kept directly above the spot where the hole is bored. The hydraulic control is lowered slowly. When the auger has penetrated to about half depth, the hydraulic control is raised, maintaining engine speed. Having cleared the loose soil, lower it again and complete the hole to full depth. When correctly attached and viewed from one side, it will be found that the auger hangs about 30 out of vertical. This is intentional and ensures the hole is drilled vertically. Care should be taken while operating in heavy or clay soil to reduce the speed and raise the auger more frequently.

What to do if the Post Hole Auger gets damaged?

There may be a shear bolt at the top of the auger shaft that will twist off before the implement is damaged by hooking into something hard like roots, stones or other obstruction. Retaining bolts holds auger to gearbox if shear bolt breaks making it possible to lift auger.