Seed drill is used to sow crops seeds into the soil. It scatters the seeds uniformly and then covers up them with soil. This task was used to be performed by hand earlier. Doing it with hand resulted in uneven distribution of seeds, inaccurate planting which ultimately caused low productivity.

Aeco Export Co. offers various kinds of seed drills for the sowing process. We offer tractor mounted seed drills for easy carrying. From small seed drills to large ones, we cover all types and sizes of the machine. We have also introduced tractor mounted drills with 11, 13 and 15 rows. You can also opt to use them with fertilizer attachments. Moreover, Aeco Export Co. supplies different kits for sowing specific crops like sunflower, grams, rapeseed and corn etc.

Seed metering system is driven by ground wheels of the machine.

AECO has many different kinds of seed drilling equipments for sale. Use the efficient sowing and planting equipment by AECO and improve your farming experience.



Specifications & Details

Main Frame

M.s. Angle Bar
Threshing Drum
Iron Sheet & M.s.Round Bar
M.S. Steel
Other materials

M.S. Round & Stripe Bar, Type