Multiple Seed Planter with Zero Tillage helps farmer in positioning and covering the seed. The invention of this device has replaced the inconvenience of replacing by hand with the ease of precise mechanical planting.

The drill is made up of hopper of seeds and tubes that are arranged at specific distances to attain desired level of tillage to alter level of growth. The seed is metered as a result of flute paddles’ rotation using a drive from drill’s land wheels.

With our seed drill, crop yield ratio can be upped by 900 percent as our zero tillage drills help plantation without affecting oil level.

Seed drills manufactured by us are recommended for planting essential crops like wheat, grams, peas, maize and mustard.

To serve a broader segment of farmers, our seed drills are available in different sizes, catering to different tractors.

The width of our drill is 1.54m and its height is 1.22m. it weighs 580 kg and has an inter row distance of 15 cm and sowing width of 1.8 m. Our drills are recommended for tractors of 50Hp to tractors having 85 HP.

Aside from offering convenience, our zero tillage seed drills also save time and fuel expenses as well as added irrigation costs.


Specifications & Details

Tractor Hp required

50-85 Hp
Total width
1.54 m
Total Height
1.22 m
Total weight

580 kg

Volume of seed box
50-85 Hp
Volume of fertilizer box
0.125 cubic m
Sowing width
1.8 m
Inter row distance
15 cm
Number of rows
From 9 to 24