Mold Board Plough For Sale is an implement used with the tractor to plough the ground. The instrument turns the soil so plants can make most of the available nutrients.

The Moldboard Plough consists of five essential parts; the mold board, the share, the frog, the landslide and the tailpiece.

What does a Tractor Drawn Mold Board For Sale Do?

  1. Provides a deep seedbed of good structure.
  2. Incorporates crop residues and manure into the soil in order to add humus and fertility to the soil.
  3. Destroys and controls weeds by burying the whole plant and cutting the deeper roots.
  4. Leave the soil in a condition as to have excellent aeration.
  5. Facilitates soil conditions suitable for introducing the seed onto firm contact of soil with the minimum requirement of further cultivation.
  6. Buries surface soil that has lost its structure under traffic and so exposes a new and undamaged surface.

What are the types of Mold Board Plough For Sale at AECO?

  1. Mold Board Plough ( Mould Board Plough )
  2. Reversible Mold Board Plough

We have Tractor Mounted Mold Board Ploughs For Sale in 3 furrow moldboard plough, 4 furrow moldboard plough, and 5 furrow moldboard plough with 3 Point Linkage system.

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Specifications & Details

Disc Harrow Frame width

Disc Harrow Frame Thickness
Shape of Frame would be like this.
Seals used proper material

Checked in diesel, petrol, heat, 60 degree, -05 degree

Nuts & Bolts (material)
Discs material
19CN5, Edges properly heat treatment
Furrow thickness
10mm , Edges properly heat treatment

How to Prepare Tractor Drawn (Mounted) Mould Board Plough for Ploughing usage?

Before starting with the mould board plough following points should be kept in mind:

  1. Based on the horsepower of the tractor the matching plough should be selected.
  2. Track width should always be correct.
  3. Each and every plough adjustment should be carried out.
  4. The correct ploughing method is essential.
  5. Choose the depth of ploughing as with the type of soil.

Failure in the above respect leads to a wastage of power and fuel, traction difficulties, increased wear of tyres and soil engaging parts, poor work and not in frequently, condemnation of the equipment.

How to Plough with MouldBoard Plough (MB Plough)?

Before starting the operation it is necessary to be familiar with the qualities of good ploughing.

  1. Each furrow must be perfectly straight from end to end.
  2. The soil must be pulverised thoroughly from top to bottom of the furrow.
  3. The outline of the furrows must be at a point without break or depression.
  4. All back furrows must be slightly raised and all trash completely covered.
  5. Furrows must be thoroughly uniform with one another.
  6. Dead furrows should be as less as possible.

Remember good ploughing makes the field levelled and moreover conserves the soil in a better way.