Jib Crane is a tool used to efficiently lift and move equipment, tools and other stuff from one place on a farm, to another. It is an inexpensively versatile way to move sturdy items across the farm with little effort from a tractor’s seat.

Jib crane is used almost routinely by farmers today. But this farm implement has its root in ancient Greece when people would use mechanized arms to lift heavy items. This equipment has since undergone big transformation. It has quite a few benefits take necessitate its usage.

Jib cranes are made from tabular steel and are capable of lifting up to 500kg. it’s effective goose-neck design allows nifty loading and unloading with fewest efforts.

These cranes are fast; they use little space and they are safer compared to manual operation. Additionally, they save time and cost and make the yield more productive as a result. Jib cranes can also lift objects which are humanly impossible to move.

The best part of this crane is that it is very easy to attach and adjust, even after attachment. Remember to use stabilizer bar chain be when moving across rough terrains.

Whether it’s hauling large barrels or drums, or moving feed and fertilizer bags, or transporting other materials, AECO Tractors’ Jib crane is ready to serve the farmer with his chores.


Specifications & Details

Lift Capacity

Up to 500 kgs(Depending upon tractor HP)
Weight (approx.)
70 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility
Hitch Pin