Mounted Tandem Disc Harrow provides better capability of multitasking. They can be efficiently used in primary tillage activities as well as secondary activities like seedbed preparation. High penetration and exceptional leveling features makes them useful in both spring and fall season.

The design of thee mounted disc harrows is a result of observation, improvisation and plausible engineering from our staff. The mounted harrows are light and adjustable, hence more maneuverability for the driver.

These harrows are designed to break the ground and cross discs green manures trash easily. Our tandems are available in sizes 52.2X4.56.48 mm and in four gangs – two at front and two at the back. Gang angling, distance of scrapers and working depth are also adjustable.

This translates to more efficiency and less trash built-up.Bell bearings are made from self-aligning triple-ply sealed support making the implement highly resistant and thus more durable.

AECO Export Company mounted tandem disc harrows use three point hitch.Multitasking, adjustability and maneuverability makes our tandem disc harrows the best in the farm implements industry.


Specifications & Details

Number of Discs

12 discs to 24 discs