Subsoiler for Sale for Tractor

The sub-soilers are implements used to break up impervious layers and hard pan caused due to constant use of tillage implements and movement of heavy tractors, implements, loaded trailers, etc.

It has been observed that after constant use of plow for a few years a hard pan gets formed which causes a restriction to air movement in the soil and increases water logging resulting in poor yield.

Our subsoiler for sale helps in breaking up the hard pan, allows deeper cultivation to stimulate root growth, and improves infiltration and drainage. Moreover, it is a low disturbance subsoiler for sale.

If the soil is hard and dry, the result of the heavy duty sub-soiling by the subsoiler for sale is best because the soil breaks and crumbles whereas when the soil is wet, a compacted path is made through the earth which has little value. We have subsoiler for sale tractor supply.

Main parts of the subsoiler:

  1. Shank or Standard
  2. Beam or Tool bar
  3. Tooth or Share

Additional Attachments with Subsoiler:

  1. Coulter
  2. Sweep and Chisel
  3. Beet Wings
  4. Mole
  5. Fertilizer Attachment

When Sweep & Chisel are pulled through the soil, it breaks open the same.

What are the Constructional Features of the Subsoiler for sale at AECO?

There are two types of subsoilers one is a single standard and another is more than one standard. One standard subsoiler is generally used for the deeper depth but two or more standard subsoilers can be used for shallower operations. Subsoil ploughs are available in both trailing & mounted units.

How to Operate and attach Subsoiler with Tractor?

The subsoiler is usually centered directly behind the tractor so that there is no side draft. The field should be sub-soiled at right angles to the intended direction of ploughing. Then you subsoil the field about every 4 feet for drainage and for breaking up the hand pan, reduce the spacing to 2 feet in the worst cases. Subsoiling depth is changed by raising or lowering the standard within the beam angles and in some subsoilers, the suction can be varied by tilling the standard and tooth. The tooth creates some suction, which pulls the unit into the soil until the upward pulling force of the tractor balances the machine’s weight and suction. Tractor wheels can be at any track setting although it is useful to set front wheels as a guide for spacing. Inflate tires to recommended pressure. Weight added on front & rear wheels to increase pulling power and to avoid excessive slippage according to recommendations.

How to do Care and Maintenance of Subsoiler?

When shipped, bright parts of the implement are treated with a rust preventative. Such parts must be cleaned before the implementation is put to use. Remove any paint at the top link connection and ends of the drawbar. Check for loose, broken, or missing bolts, nuts, and parts. Replace as needed. Check for badly worn or broken points. Reverse or replace/as needed. No lubrication is necessary for the applied parts of the subsoiler for sale at AECO.

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Specifications & Details

Linkage Category

heavy duty steel channel
Width of Hal
Height of Hal


Number of blade
110 KG
Working depth