Potato Diggers are agricultural equipments that harvest potatoes from the field by using a share. The crop, along with the soil is sent to a web-series where soil is sieved out and the filtered potatoes are then sent at the implement’s rear for separation.

This ag-implement digs up the rows of potatoes where it can be pulled on tractor’s centerline or offset. AECO’s diggers return the potatoes, after shaking the bulk soil onto the dug soil. The hydraulic drive attached allows better harvesting and matching of the chain speed.

Our diggers are built in 70 cm dimensions for single row and 130-150 cm for two rows. Rear unloading can be mounted on tractors with 3 point linkage and power takeoff.

Potato digger’s plowshare is made up of two grass-cutting discs on the side and interchangeable blades.

The Protection and clogging kit of our diggers is made up of transversal comb, which is located between conveyor and the plowshare. The band is made up of 2 steel rods, supported with rubber rollers and bearings. The moving comb eases the earth introduction. The kit also uses mobile cleaners which prevents clogging in discs and the band.


Specifications & Details

Working Width

Working Depth
Working Capacity
2 acres 1 hour
Linking System