Empower Your Farming with New Holland 7056 4WD Tractor: Power Steering & Efficiency Combined


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With its powerful engine, smooth power steering, and intuitive controls, the New Holland 7056 Tractor is easy to operate and delivers maximum efficiency. Whether you’re tilling the fields, hauling heavy loads, or plowing snow, this tractor is up to the task.

In addition to its performance, the New Holland 7056 Tractor is also known for its durability. Made with high-quality materials, this tractor is built to last and will provide you with years of reliable service.

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Specifications & Details

Engine Horsepower


Front Tyre : 11.2 – 24

Rear Tyre : 18.4/15-30

New Holland 8045.05 4 Cylinder Engine
Filters & Oil Cleaner
Air Filter, Oil Bath Cleaner and Oil is Changeable
Exhaust Muffler
Dry type clutch, Dual plate, with separate controls (Transmission pedal and hand lever for PTO)
Manual Transmission with Gearbox
4 Disc Brakes
Power Take-off

Fully independent, 540 RPM synchronize with 6 spline shaft gear box.
Cooling System
Direct injection, Naturally aspirated
Bore and stroke:
104 x 115 mm
Piston Displacement:
3,908 cc
Compression ratio:
Max. Torque at 1,500 rpm:
27 kgm
Dry-type cylinder liners
Forced-feed lubrication system.
Distributor type fuel injection pump with mechanical speed governor.


AECO provides extra tractor equipment like Mirrors Front and Rear, Pintle Hooks, Front Weights, Roll-over Protections System (ROPS), Nine-Hole Drawbars, Hydraulic Valves, Trailer Hooks, Fiber-Glass Canopies and Power take-off pulleys (PTO).